Treatment will usually take between 30-40 minuets. It costs €60 for an adult and €50 for a child (under 18yrs).

Treatment is non invasive and involves a hands on approach. Most treatments involve soft tissue (muscle) work, stretching, mobilisations, and articulation of joints. When it is required and with the patients consent manipulation of a joint can be used, this is often accompanied by a clicking sound. Occasionally dry needling can be used to to decrease pain and to relax very tight muscles.

Conditions treated: Back Pain, Head Aches, Hip Pain, Sciatica, Knee Stiffness, and Plantar Fasica to name just a few.

When treating babies and small children a very gentle approach is taken. There are no sudden moves and the child is usually very relaxed throughout the treatment. Most often the best technique to treat babies is Cranio-Sacral release. This is a very subtle technique which aids the babies nervous system helping to promote sleep and digestion.

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