General Osteopathy

Osteopaths treat a wide range of conditions ranging from rehabilitation of injured joints or mechanical failure in the body to the management of conditions such as migraine, arthritis or IBS. Osteopathic treatment targets areas of pain as well as the individual and his/her predisposing and maintaing factors to injury. Although treatment might be applied to symptomatic areas it may also be necessary to treat other joints and muscles too.

Osteopaths are primary health care practitioners and are equipped with diagnostic skills that reach further than mechanical back pain.

Before you receive any treatment we will need to take a detailed medical case history to ensure that treatment is appropriate. If treatment is deemed inappropriate we may refer you to your G.P. for investigation before we can begin.

If treatment is appropriate we will first examine the area and any other joints or muscles that we might consider to be involved in the condition. It is not unusual for this to include clinical examinations such as an abdominal, cardiovascular or respiratory exam. After the examination is complete we will explain to you the diagnosis and the appropriate management and treatment before beginning treatment. At subsequent visits we will re-examine the muscles and joints indicated at the first appointment and commence treatment in accordance with the management plan.

Treatment will differ for every patient because it is tailored to the diagnosis and the circumstances surrounding the symptoms. Treatment will usually involve soft tissue massage, joint articulation and mobilisations (often accompanied with a “click”), stretching muscles and releasing trigger points (“knots”) all of which are aimed at reducing pain and restoring function or range of movement.

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